Privacy Policy

This privacy notice applies to:


1. Our Customers


  • Individual Customers: Referring to both our past and current customers who are individuals.
  • Corporate Customers: Encompassing directors, shareholders, ultimate beneficial owners, employees, guarantors, security providers, and legal representatives associated with our past and present corporate customers, along with any other individuals authorized to act on their behalf. It is the responsibility of our corporate customers to ensure that authorized individuals and relevant parties have acknowledged our privacy notice.


2. Non-customers

This category includes individuals who do not hold any products or services with us. However, we may still need to collect, use, or disclose your personal data. This may include individuals such as loan applicants whose applications were not approved, individuals making or receiving payments from our customers, visitors to our website or applications, patrons of our branches or offices, guarantors or security providers, ultimate beneficial owners, directors or legal representatives of companies utilizing our services, debtors or tenants of our customers, professional advisors including our directors, investors, shareholders, and their legal representatives, as well as our partners and advisors, and anyone involved in transactions with us or our customers.


Collection, Utilization, and Disclosure of Your Personal Data

We only collect and use your personal data where it is necessary or there is a legal need for collecting and using it. This includes scenarios where we gather, utilize, or disclose your personal data on the justifiable grounds of legal obligations, the fulfillment of contracts established between you and us, our legitimate interests, actions performed with your explicit consent, and other lawful justifications.


Our Legal Responsibilities

We are bound by numerous laws, regulations, and directives issued by competent governmental, supervisory, or regulatory bodies. To fulfill our legal and regulatory obligations, it is necessary to collect, use, or disclose your personal data for various purposes, which includes but not limited to:


a.) Ensuring compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

b.) Adherence to applicable laws such as Financial Institutions Businesses Laws, Securities and Exchange Laws, Anti-Money Laundering Laws, Counter-Terrorism and Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction Financing Laws, and other relevant laws in Thailand and internationally.

c.) Fulfilling regulatory obligations and/or complying with directives from authorized entities, such as court orders or directives from governmental, supervisory, or regulatory authorities.


User’s Consent

By selecting the appropriate checkbox during the inquiry and submission process, you are providing consent for the following types of data processing:


Flexi Lend may gather, retain, and utilize the personal data and specific personal data provided as part of the inquiry process for the following purposes:


  • Transmitting such data to the relevant service provider for the purpose of obtaining a quote or referral for services offered by the Service Provider.
  • Providing a service for which you have registered on this website.


Flexi Lend may assess, inspect, or analyze your communications, whether on the platform or via email, with the designated Service Provider for the purposes of fraud prevention, risk evaluation, regulatory compliance, investigation, product enhancement, research, and customer support. While Flexi Lend uses automated methods for assessing, inspecting, or analyzing communications, there may be instances where manual review is necessary for fraud investigations, customer support, or to evaluate and enhance the functionality of automated tools.



Flexi Lend uses cookies and flash cookies to collect and store anonymous data for optimization and marketing purposes. These alphanumeric identification codes are transmitted to your computer’s hard drive. Should you prefer not to utilize cookies, they can be disabled within your browser settings. Here’s what you should know:


Cookies and flash cookies are small files stored on your hard drive that contain specific information, including preferred settings and data necessary for Flexi Lend’s interactions with browsers. There are two types: session cookies, which are deleted at the end of each browser session, and temporary cookies, which remain on your browser for an extended period.


At Flexi Lend, cookies are used solely for internal purposes and are never used to store any personal data, nor can they be linked to individual users. When a cookie is activated, it is assigned a unique ID number, exclusively utilized for internal referencing and incapable of identifying you or accessing any personal details, including your name or IP address. The anonymous data collected through cookies enables us to evaluate the most visited pages on the Flexi Lend site and identify the popularity of various procedures and clinics.


Information Sharing and Disclosure

Flexi Lend, as the website’s proprietor and administrator, does not lease, sell, or disclose Personal Information about you to individuals or non-affiliated entities, except in the following circumstances:


  • Flexi Lend may share your information with trusted partners who operate under confidentiality agreements and assist Flexi Lend in communicating with you about offers, promotions, discounts, etc.
  • Flexi Lend may disclose information in response to subpoenas, court orders, or legal processes, or to establish or exercise its legal rights, defend against legal claims, or comply with legal obligations.
  • Flexi Lend may share information when necessary to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, potential threats to physical safety, violations of website terms, or as required by law.
  • In the event of a merger or acquisition involving Flexi Lend, your information may be transferred to another entity or company. However, Flexi Lend will notify you before any such transfer occurs, either by email or by posting a notice on the website.



If you have any concerns about The Flexi Lend’s privacy policy for the website, please get in touch with our team.

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